The Hunton Parish Plan Steering Committee

Download the 2011 Hunton Parish Plan (this is about 2Mb)

Update on the progress of the Parish Plan 2013

Minutes of the Committee meetings

November 2016

2015 minutes
2014 minutes
2013 minutes
2012 minutes
2011 minutes
2010 minutes

All meetings are at 8pm in the Village Club

The Parish Plan Steering Committee Constitution - revised July 2011

The Parish Plan budget

Committee Members:
  • Annette Trought (Chair)
  • Mike Summersgill (Secretary)
  • Ms Kathy Reid (Treasurer)
  • Ms Di Martin (Events Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Guy Oliver
  • Mrs Alison Ellman-Brown
  • Mr David Heaton
  • Mrs Denise Gibbs-Naguár (Co-opted Member)

Contact the Parish Plan committee on